Preventing Jetlag

Jetlag prevention program to arrive fit on a flight destination

Jetlag is a disruption of the sleep/wake cycle and a common phenomenon in the travel industry. Due to jetlag travelers are often tired and they experience problems with sleep during the trip and the first days at the place of destination. Because of the time-difference between the place where the traveler is going and where the traveler comes from, the biological clock will not run directly synchronic with the time at the place of destination. A Jetlag Prevention Program helps to adapt the internal clock as much as possible to the day/ night rhythm at the place of destination before the journey takes place.

Flux Plus has developed a successful anti- jetlag program . This program is used by Dutch and Belgian athletes with very good results for several years before leaving for major international tournaments and events. The current method is highly effective, but not very practical. Flux Plus is working on a new product that is easy to use. It also gives the traveler instructions about what protocol to use to prevent jetlag. There is no loss of shape and the activities on location can start immediately. This applies for athletes but also for frequent flyers, traveling all over the world.

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