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Jetlag Prevention Program

Jet lag is a disruption of the sleep/wake rhythm and a common phenomenon in the travel world. Due to jet lag, travelers are often tired and experience sleeping problems during the journey and the first days at the destination. Due to the time difference between the place where a traveler is going and where the traveler comes from, the biological clock will not immediately synchronize with the time at the destination. A Jetlag Prevention Program helps to adjust the internal clock prior to the journey as much as possible to the day/night rhythm at the destination. In top athletes, jet lag causes loss of shape and a lack of sleep and energy.


Jetlag Prevention Program

FluxPlus has developed a successful anti jet lag program. This program has been used for several years with very good results by Dutch and Belgian top athletes before leaving for major international tournaments and events. The current method is very effective but not yet very practical. FluxPlus is therefore working on a new product that is easy to use and indicates to the traveler which protocol to follow to prevent jet lag. There is no loss of form and the training program or work can be started immediately on location. This can save time for days to weeks and have a very positive influence on the (sports) result. Even non-top athletes (eg frequent flyers) can benefit from this new technology.

Jetlag Prevention Program to arrive fit at destination

Biological, physiologically activating light

• improves sleep/wake rhythm
• reduces fatigue
• improves concentration
• increases alertness
• increases productivity
• lowers depressed/depressed feelings

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