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Better sports performance through a smart mix of effort and rest at the right time

FluxPlus has developed various programs to improve individual and collective performance of top athletes at any time of the day. One of these programs is a method i to prevent jet lag. FluxPlus advises (Olympic) swimmers, cyclists, rowers, gymnasts, judokas and many other top athletes from home and abroad. Many Dutch and Belgian Olympians have used FluxPlus products and services to improve form and fitness anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

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From the experiences of hundreds of top athletes, including several gold and silver medal winners, we know that chrono coaching is very effective and that it enables athletes to start the training program immediately after arriving at a location at a great distance without losing form. For the development of a complete program, we adapt the method to the travel and training schedule, the sleep/wake rhythm and the chronotype of the individual athlete. FluxPlus supplies tailor-made programs with the end result being an athlete/team that arrives at the destination without jet lag or loss of shape. FluxPlus is specialized in improving sports performance, both individually and as a team and at any time of the day. We do this by using the following chrono coaching techniques:

Peak performance optimization

The development of an individual program to determine at what time of the day the athlete is most capable of optimal performance. After determining the chronotype, advice is given on how the athlete can influence his/her sleep/wake rhythm in such a way that the peak-performance moment coincides with the moment that a peak performance is expected from him/her.

Sleep monitoring and coaching

Using modern techniques, the sleep architecture and sleep/wake rhythm of the athlete are mapped out. With this information, tailor-made advice is made and the athlete helps the athlete to develop a better work/rest schedule in order to ultimately be able to recover faster and better.

Light therapy for more energy and better performance

Intensive ocular light with a short wavelength (blue) has a great influence on human metabolism. By using accurate dosing, timing and application of light, the athlete’s metabolism can be positively influenced. This allows him/her to have more energy at appropriate times. In addition to light, darkness in the form of blocking short wavelengths is also used to achieve perfect tuning. In all cases, Propeaq light glasses with interchangeable lenses are used.

Anti-jetlag program

In recent years, experts from FluxPlus have intensively guided many top athletes at home and abroad and helped them improve their performance. Very good results were achieved during the Summer and Winter Olympics and various European and World Championships, and we have contributed to the achievement of gold, silver and bronze medals in various sports. The anti-jet lag program is tailor-made to influence different physical and mental functions of the athlete to achieve the best result. References from various top-class coaches are available on request.

Sports services

FluxPlus supplies tailor-made programs with the end result being an athlete/team that arrives at its destination without jet lag or loss of shape and delivers peak performance at any given time of the day.

FluxPlus is specialized in improving sports performance, both individually and in a team. We do this by using chrono coaching with the modules below.

Sports and Fitness

In a relatively short period of time, light therapy has become a regular treatment method within healthcare. In particular, the problems that occur during the dark period of the year can be treated safely and effectively with light. The problems are often mild and the centers that offer the treatment are often highly accessible. That is why it is good that people have access to light therapy in a place where they can work on the problems in a pleasant and relaxed way, namely in a sports or fitness center. In addition to the winter blues, light therapy also helps with sleeping problems, fatigue and stress (burnout). It gives people more energy. The combination with sport/exercise makes the method extra powerful.

The implementation of light therapy within a sports or fitness center is relatively simple.

Introduction program

Introduction program

In addition to equipment, FluxPlus also offers a successful introductory program. This provides aspiring therapists and/or sports instructors with the knowledge necessary to use light therapy in a safe and effective way in daily practice. This training lasts approximately 1 day at a location of your choice and can possibly be repeated in order to stay informed of the current state of affairs. Equipment can be easily positioned on a tripod or on the wall in front of a fitness machine or exercise bike. Installation in/on the ceiling is also possible.

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