Chrono Performance Management CPM

Improved athletic performance by chronotherapy and dynamic light

Flux Plus has developed several programs to help athletes to improve individual and collective performance and to avoid jetlag. These programs contain using light and chronotherapy. Flux Plus counsels olympic swimmers, cyclists, rowers, gymnasts and also the TVM skating team and NOC * NSF .

Many Dutch and Belgian olympic athletes have used the products and services of Flux Plus to improve their shape and condition anywhere in the world, without the negative effects of jetlag. Thanks to the experiences of athletes such as Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Maarten van der Weijden, Pieter van den Hoogenband, Marleen Veldhuis, Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst, we know that the method is very effective and enables athletes to pick up their training immediately after arrival on location without any loss of form. For the development of a complete anti-jetlag program, we adapt the method to the itinerary, the sleep/wake rhythm and the chronotype of individual athletes.

Flux Plus delivers custom-made programs with athletes arriving at their destination without jetlag or loss of form.

Flux Plus is specialized in improving sports performance, both individually and in a team, at any time of the day. We accomplish this by using the following techniques:

  • Peak performance optimization. We determine the chronotype of the athlete.This is the moment of the day the athlete is able to perform the best. Then we advise on how to influence the athlete’s sleep/wake cycle so that the moment of his/her peak-performance coincides with the moment the performance is planned.
  • Sleep monitoring and coaching. With modern techniques we establish the sleep architecture and sleep/wake rhythm of the athlete. With this information, we help the athlete to develop his own work/rest schedule.
  • Light therapy for more power and better performance. Intensive ocular light effects the metabolism of the human being. The accurate dosage, timing and delivery of light leads to a positive influence on the metabolism of the athlete. This allows him / her to have more energy at the crucial moments.
  • Anti- jetlag program Individual and team coaching , see also section Travel. In recent years Plus Flux experts have intensely supervised and coached many athletes with improving their performance, at home and abroad. This way we have contributed to gold, silver and bronze medals in different disciplines during the Olympic Summer and Winter Games and many European and World Championships. References from several coaches are available on request.

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