About us

FluxPlus is an international company, specialized in healthy lighting. We develop products and services to improve well-being and to treat the winterblues, winter depression and sleep/wake disorders. Flux Plus supplies turn-key lighting solutions and consultancy for optimal performance as a result of better concentration, alertness, sleep and mood.

Flux Plus is an expert in dynamic lighting for healthcare, care of the elderly and sports (eg Dutch olympic swim team, TVM skating team , NOC * NSF ). Many olympic athletes use our light therapy products and services to prevent jet lag and to improve their shape and condition. The lighting products and services Plus Flux provides result in more energy and a healthy sleep/wake cycle .

• Lighting design and project management for healthcare and care of the elderly
• Development and production of dynamic lighting for services and trade and industry
• Development of successful anti-jetlag programs for sports
• Peak performance optimization using chronotherapy and dynamic light
• Delivery of Medisun phototherapy equipment for dermatology

As a result of our activities in the area of peak performance and sports, we have become a consultant of olympic gold medalists such as Ranomi Kromowidjojo , Maarten van der Weijden, Pieter van den Hoogenband and Marleen Veldhuis.

FluxPlus team:

Toine Schoutens

Toine is a developer and designer of light therapy applications and solutions (psychiatry, neurology, geriatrics and dermatology) and is doing research about the relationship between light, health and performance. He is the co-founder of FluxPlus BV, which operations are included into Chrono Eyewear BV, and an active participant in the Light Foundation & Health (SOLG) that is doing research in coöperation with the Technical University of Eindhoven. Toine is a consultant of NOC * NSF (swimming, gymnastics, athletics, judo, cycling, rowing) and ice skating team.

Esther Groenhuijzen

Light is perception! As an interior and lighting designer Esther loves that aspect in to design creative lighting solutions in areas where less or no daylight. Light is one of the main pillars for a pleasant living, working or learning environment. With healthy lighting the perception is brought inside.

Esther has her own office for interior and lighting design. She also worked at NVACP. Her contribution consists of giving advice, drafting of Requirements, lighting design and project management.

Rick Muller

Commercial director ....

dr. Ariadne Tenner

Scientific support, advice and research. Ariadne Tenner, PhD in physics, acquired acquired expertise in the field of light and lighting and the effect that light has on people at Philips Lighting for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience in research, both physical research and research with human subjects. Sharing knowledge and the guiding and coaching of colleagues, PhD students and students. Since 2011 she has her own light consultancy and support office.