Medisun® light therapy for dermatology

Professional light therapy for hospitals, clinics and at home

For over 25 years Medisun has been developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative medical technology for the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, acne and eczema. Especially the invention of iso-dosage with the world’s first computer-controlled UV cabin in 1989, was the start of a series of innovative new therapy products for dermatology . This new technology has been developed in collaboration with the skin clinic of the University of Cologne.

The following light therapy products are available:
• Section lighters
• Full body cabins
• Photodynamic Therapy PDT
• Measuring equipment
• UVA, UVA1, UVB and PUVA lightsources
• Therapy management software

The extensive Medisun® product range is characterized by high quality and long lasting. This makes Medisun one of the leading manufacturers of light therapy systems in Europe. In their opinion the wishes and needs of the patients and the practitioners are always the core of their business. This motivates us to offer you the Medisun products and service, now and in the future. See also

Medisun is represented in the Netherlands by  FluxPlus in Tilburg Please contact here.