The additional value of light

Unconscious perception of light through the eye regulates the mood, concentration, alertness and sleep/wake cycle . Dynamic lighting support these functions of light for those who choose to stay inside. These lighting systems simulate the course of daylight with a variation in color temperature and light intensity.

Healthy lighting and light therapy for more well-being and enjoyment

Scientific research over the past 20 years has shown that many elderly people suffer from problems with sleep and mood . Many elderly people in residential care facilities, retirement homes and nursing homes sleep badly and are sad. Additionally, there are problems with sight, even more than 50 % of the elderly wear unsuitable glasses. A lack of sufficient (day-) light is an important cause of these discomforts.

In aging and dementia especially, the brain loses gradually its ability to regulate the sleep/ wake cycle. A small area in the brain, called the biological clock, is responsible for this cycle. The biological clock is in communication with the outside world through the retina in the eye . Because of atrophy of the nerve cells, optic nerve and retina that accurs in the process of aging, insufficient light stimuli are captured by the biological clock. As a result of that the biological clock gradually functions less, the sleep/wake rythm slowly detoriates and people become increasingly disoriented and confused .

Many healthcare and elderly care institutions have lighting that no longer meets the requirements and recommendations of the modern era. This is unfortunate because lighting is a valuable contribution to the well-being of the inhabitants and also of the staff. The past two years Derungs and Flux Plus (formerly Davita Netherlands BV) have realized dozens of projects containing simulating daylight by dynamic lighting. We implemented dynamic lighting mainly in spaces where people spend long periods of time such as living rooms and hallways, but also in sitting- /sleeping rooms and activity centers. In the other areas the normal lighting that is available in our product-line is sufficient. The products and services you can expect from us :
• Information and advice
• A functional and technical program of requirements PvE
• Lighting design
• Dynamic lighting
• Supervision of the installation
• Light scenarios and programming the control
• Transfer of knowledge to the staff and, if desired , family and volunteers
• Support as a result of research in coöperation with well-established colleges and universities