I want support and guidance

Advice and guidance in the field of nutrition, rest, sleep and recovery

During sporting events, FluxPlus offers support and guidance to participants in the preliminary phase and aftercare, as well as during matches and competitions. FluxPlus has the knowledge to prepare participants in order to enable (extreme) sports performance. In addition, we can monitor participants with live data analysis and we advise on nutrition, rest, sleep and exercise after performance.

Preliminary stage

When preparing for an (extreme) performance, a number of things are important. Think of a tailor-made training schedule, a nutrition plan and advice on mental support. In addition to active training and nutrition, rest is also very important. FluxPlus has the expertise to make optimal use of training and nutrition, for example by stabilizing the sleep-wake rhythm or by shifting the peak performance moment to the moment of the competition. In short, FluxPlus is an expert in targeted advice to make the entire preparation a success.


Using new techniques, FluxPlus can accurately monitor participants during (sports) events on, among other things, heart rate, heart rate zone, percentage of the individually determined maximum heart rate and core temperature. These are important indicators for making adjustments at the right time for each participant during the effort. In addition to digital monitoring, observation of the participant or top athlete by experienced experts is very important. We have the knowledge and experience to make an accurate assessment of the physical and mental status of a participant or athlete through observation of physical characteristics, facial expression, gesture and psychomotor functions.


If you are interested in personal advice or in a team, please feel free to contact us via 013 6316313 or info@fluxplus.com . We are happy to discuss the possibilities.