Advice & research

For many people light is primarily intended to see, but light/light therapy does more for human well-being and performance.

For some time there is attention for medical-biological research to study the influence of light on the performance of the brains. Since the discovery of special nerve connections from the eye to the biological clock it showed that ocular light transmits the 24-hour running of a large number of physiological and psychological processes. The so-called circadian (24-hour) rhythm occurs in virtually all body processes, for instance body temperature, heart rate, hormone levels – including melatonin -, cortisol and growth hormone, the sleep/wake cycle and also in processes that determine the mood, performance, alertness and fatigue. Recent research showed that besides the biological clock other direct effects of light exist, such as increasing alertness and the performance of humans.

The importance of these discoveries is all the greater because more and more people staying in buildings in the last hundred years. These buildings allow natural light only in a limited extent. People staying healthy under light conditions, generally do sleep better and are more alert during the day and are also often in a better mood.

Flux Plus is a research and consulting firm that works within the field of “healthy lighting”.

Advice and Project management

Healthy lighting is used in many places to improve the wellbeing and performance of humans. As a result the supply of “healthy lighting” is growing very fast. Maybe too fast, because not every light source is suitable to meet the standards that apply to healthy lighting and light therapy and requirements. Flux Plus advises companies and organizations about healthy lighting independently, set Schedule of Requirements (SoR) and can manage the implementation process through to the completion and launch training with knowledge.

Flux Plus advises mainly athletes, healthcare/elderly care facilities, businesses, schools and within the airline.


Given the fast development in the field of healthy lighting, there are also more and more applications and products in the market. Flux Plus is an independent research firm and studies (scientific basis) the operation and effects of new products and applications for healthy lighting and light therapy.


Flux Plus maintains her knowledge through contacts including the Technical University of Eindhoven TU/e, The Light & Health Research Foundation (SOLG), the Academic Medical Center (AMC), TNO and the University of Groningen. Because of these partnerships and contacts, knowledge of Flux Plus is always up to date and are we involved in the latest developments, innovations and research. Over the years FluxPlus is specialized in advanced lighting research and in making a professional lighting advice for the central theme “Light and Health”.

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