Background and needs

Circadiane ritme

Light immediately affects the brain stimulation and regulation of the sleep/wake-cycle through the retina and the optic nerve to the biological clock in the brains. This timing mechanism acts on human cognitive processes such as alertness, concentration, mood and sleep. This is important for good health, more energy and better functioning.

Circadian (24-hour) rhythms are regulated by light.

Disruption of the circadian rhythm result in:

Circadiane ritme

  • Winterblues / (winter)depression
  • Sleep/wake disorders (eg the elderly)
  • Troubles working shifts or nightshifts
  • Jetlag

Flux Plus offers solutions to these problems by the use of dynamic lighting, light therapy and chronotherapy and over 25 years of experienc.

We support the various divisions of Flux Plus (Travel, Sport, Fit and Medical) in an appropriate way with our products and services, so that it matches with the needs within these disciplines.